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Organizational Profile

The Karnataka Co-operative Oilseeds Growers’ Federation Limited, Bangalore was registered on 26th October, 1984 to implement the project “Restructuring of edible oil and oilseeds production and Marketing in Karnataka”.  The said project was structured based on Anand Model of Milk Co.operative ( Amul ) with the objective to increase oilseeds production, procurement, processing  and create the market for edible oils and its by-products under OPERATION GOLDEN FLOW.


The project was initially envisaged to be implemented with a two-tier structure and accordingly, primary Oilseeds Growers’ Co.operative Societies at village level were registered from time to time and got affiliated to the Federation at the State level.,to provide the better services to the oilseeds growers. In a short time, the structure was changed from two-tier to three-tier during the month of June 1990 with the formation of three Regional Oil Unions, at Raichur, Chitradurga (Hospet)  and Hubli respectively.

Accordingly, the REGIONAL OIL SEEDS GROWERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES UNION LTD., RAICHUR was registered on 30th June, 1990 with its area of operation extending to Five districts. Raichur, Koppal, Yadgir, Kalaburgi and Bidar with 104 Oilseeds Growers’ Co.operative Societies which were earlier affiliated to the Federation.  After the formation of Union,  Union has formed 104 Primary Oilseeds Growers’ Co.operative Societies at village level in different districts of the project area of the Union.  And in turn Union was affiliated to the state level Federation (KOF).

Areas Of Operations


Raichur District


Koppal District


Yadagiri District


Gulbarga District


Bidar District


Since Raichur is the centre location for the project area, the Union’s Administrative Office, processing and packing  units are situated at Raichur. The campus is spread over 8 acres of land with lush green plantations. The Union has 50000 Sq.ft area of godown space for its own use. There are various departments which constitute the Union Office, for smooth and efficient functioning, to achieve the objectives and for further expansion of the business.

 KOF Bengaluru, on behalf of  ROGCSU LTD Raichur purchased the said land from Karnataka Agro Proteins Ltd, Raichur, in the year 1991 with the fund assistance from NDDB.  The renovation of land and building was estimated to be Rs. 575.85 lakhs and funded by NDDB as a long-term loan to KCOGF Ltd., Bengaluru and transferred to ROGCSU Ltd, Raichur account.  The outstanding loan repayment 0f Rs.321.35 lakhs was made by Regional Oil Seeds Growers’ Co-operative Societies Union Ltd., Raichur, in 5 installments w.e.f. 31st May 2014 to 31st March 2018, to NDDB.  At present, Union has no dues.   The land and building owned by ROGCSU Ltd., Raichur without any mortgage.  



  1. Processing Plant with Pod decorticators, Oil expellers, and seed processing unit of around  200 MTS capacity per DAY. 
  2. Edible Oil Storage tanks of 450 MT capacity are in use and unstored oil tanks of 2500 MT capacity are not in use.  The raw material storage godowns are of around 10000 MT.capacity, in total. Part of which are rented out, to generate regular income.
  3. Oil packing section having one single head and three double head machines for packing  1ltr/ 1kg sachets.   The pouch packing capacity per day is 250 MT.   The unit also has automatic filling machines for filling  15kg Tins, Carboys, Jerry cans, 5 ltr Jerry cans, Pet Jars and 90 Kg Barrels.   These machines can pack around 50 MT per day.
  4. The Union is packing a variety of Edible oils, in different pack sizes as per consumers’ requirements.   The edible oils packed include Filtered Groundnut oil,  Filtered Coconut oil,  Refined Sunflower oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Refined Palmolein oil  and  Super Olein oil. 

The edible oils thus packed are marketed under renowned and popular brands of Union, SAFAL, SUN SAFAL, SUN GOLD, UTTAM  and  SAFAL HEALTH.   

The Union also packs and markets different Agri Commodities such as Fine Quality Sona Masuri Rice ( raw and steam ), Turdal, Tea powder, Chilli powder, Peanut, Wheat, Sugar, Jaggery, various Millets (Siri Daanya ), Idli Rava, Bansi Rava ( Semolina), Iodised Salt, Spices, etc., by efficiently utilizing its marketing network,  with an objective to deliver quality products to the consumers at attractive prices.  

The Union possesses both FSSAI and AGMARK Licenses.   Union also supplies Fortified  ( with Vitamin A & D ) Edible oils for Government schemes. 

The marketing network is well supported by Union’s own commercial vehicles, to deliver the products in time, at doorsteps safely, an added advantage to the dealers and thereby its consumers.

The Union packs and markets around 6000 MTS of its branded products per annum.

Sowing Seeds Activity

In the premises of Union, there are different sizes of godowns and seed processing machinery to accommodate sowing seed activity.  

Union produces, processes, packs and markets various  Foundation, Certified and Truthfully Labelled sowing seeds namely Groundnut, Sunflower, Safflower, Castor, Cotton, Fodder Jowar, Soybean and Bengal Gram.

The sowing seeds distributed to the farmers under various subsidized price schemes of GOK are of the best Quality and high yield, hence very popular among the farmer community.

Sowing seed is an important input to the farmers, and the Union plays its best role in delivering Quality seeds, to ensure farmers’ economic and socio-economic growth.
Union is very proud of its achievement in delivering around 35000 Quintals of sowing seeds per annum to the farmers in “SAFAL SEEDS” Brand

Financial Status


01 National Dairy Development Board, Anand. (Gujrat) Rs.  70.00 Lakhs
02 Oilseeds Growers Co.Operative Societies Ltd., Rs.  28.47 Lakhs
Total Rs. 98.47 Lakhs



Sl.No Year Turnover


Trading Profit
01 2015-16 Rs. 10323.56 Lakhs Rs. 553.64 Lakhs
02 2016-17 Rs. 12114.26 Lakhs Rs. 574.86 Lakhs
03 2017-18 Rs. 6715.24  Lakhs Rs. 581.09 Lakhs
04 2018-19 Rs.7559.62 Lakhs Rs. 482.94 Lakhs
05 2019-20 Rs.6723.56 Lakhs Rs. 413.18 Lakhs


01 Book Value Rs. 1207.66 Lakhs
02 Market Value Rs.  3500.00 Lakhs

Awards and Achievements

The Department of Co.operation, Govt. of Karnataka and Karnataka State Co.operative  Federation,  Bangalore  has  given  award  to  the  Union    as BEST CO.OPERATIVE SOCIETY during the celebration of 53rd Co.operative Week on 14.11.2006.

Union has been conferred with the “BEST CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY” award at 65th All India Co-Operative week-2018 on 16-11-2018.


Regional Oilseeds Growers CO.OP. Societies Union Ltd


(Village level Societies District level Oilseed Union and State level Federation)

The Karnataka Co-operative Oilseeds Growers Federation Limited, Bangalore was registered on 26th October, 1984 to implement the project “restructuring of edible oil and oilseeds production and Marketing in Karnataka”.  The said project was structured Anand Model of Milk Co.operative with the objects to increase oilseeds production, procurement and processing of oilseeds and create the market for edible oils and its by-products under OPERATION GOLDEN FLOW.